The system on admission of citizens and monitoring of the admission results at the Ministry of Education and its subordinate institutions.

«Professional IT» Company was given an interesting and time consuming task to create a centralized system and a modern admission of citizens in the institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Education, with the ability to track the results of the meetings and identify the degree of citizens' satisfaction with the results and the process.

The first step was a detailed study and analysis of the current business processes of the Ministry in this area.

In the second phase, we tried to get the comments of all interested and involved parties: citizens, operators and other employees of the Centre for the admission of citizens and representatives of institutions.

The third challenge was the development of the detailed terms of reference where we have described exactly the business processes to be automated and the way of implementation.

Appointments systemization and control

The introduced system has simplified and systematized the whole process of registration of applications for citizens' admission in institutions under the Ministry of Education (300 institutions). The solution allowed to centrally distribute, track and control time and results of admission. A comprehensive and integrated approach to the problem significantly reduced the load on the administrative resources of the Ministry's Centre for the admission of citizens and automated a lot of routine business processes.

Notifications for citizens and feedback

The system has a high degree of interactivity and establishes the feedback from users at key stages of the process. Thus, at the time of appointment of admission, the user receives an SMS message with the location and date of admission. In addition, after the admission the operator of the Centre responsible for the admission of citizens contacts the user and specifies the degree of satisfaction with the results of his/her admission. Results of discussion are entered into the system and are available for analysis and processing. This approach enables the most efficient use of the available technical possibilities in admission of citizens and solving their problems.

Some results of system implementation

  • Routine business processes are fully automated and optimised

  • The number of applications processed per unit of time increased more than 3 times

  • Citizens began to receive SMS notifications about the place and date of admission

  • Single database organized and consolidated information on all admissions of citizens, which he/she had had in various institutions at different times

  • Citizens were able to express their opinion on the results of the admission

  • Electronic module of admission schedule allowed tracking and grading the load on the institutions and persons admitting

  • The Ministry gained access to a wealth of statistical information, collected by the system and tools for its processing.


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