Admission of children to the primary schools in Baku city

To expand the range of electronic services rendered to the people in the field of education and to improve the accounting system of the school contingent, there was a need to create an electronic system to admit children in the first grade of schools and lyceums of Baku city.

«Professional IT» enthusiastically approached to the realisation of such an important and large-scale task. Implementation of the project of public and social importance, which every year involves more than 50 thousand people - was a sign of confidence in us, at the same time, laying upon us a great responsibility.

User-friendly and self-intuitive interface

Admission system is conditionally divided into three parts: the user interface for the citizens, the section for schools and lyceums and the internal management system, available for Baku city Education Department employees.

In the process of implementation of the user interface, we took into account that different groups of the population (age, level of computer literacy, etc.) are involved in the procedure of the registration of children in the school, so we tried to create a self-intuitive, user-friendly and easy to use product. For example, the entire process of registration of the parent and the child was reduced to filling in just 3-4 fields. This implementation has been made possible also by means of the connection to public services of IAMAS and the Ministry of Justice, as well as to the sms-alert system.

The functions and modules of user interface

Registration and password recovery

Automatically receipt of passport information (IAMAS)

SMS and Email alerts

Interactive map with school marks. Selection of school by type, sector, district

Internal alerts and tips

Entering for an examination and preparatory groups

Internal chat to communicate with the administration

Editing Personal Data

Status of admission process and results

Internal control system (functions and modules)

Interactive map of schools, indicating availability online

Formation of classes and forecasts

Search for parents and children

Module of interviews' results

Statistics, reports and forecasts

Management of alternative forms of education

Delineation of roles and rights

Management of schools and lyceums

Preschool experience

Logging system and action log

Backup system (year base)

Management of interviews in lyceums and gymnasiums

The results of the implementation of solutions for the Education Department

Following the introduction of the solution, Education Department significantly expanded its capacity and improved efficiency in controlling and monitoring the entire process of admission to school. All actions in the system are logged and recorded in a log, thus all the steps of members and principals (of schools) are available for the study. At the same time the administration receives information about the dates and results of interviews in lyceums and gymnasiums.

Department's workers are able to keep the track of the pace of filling the schools online (by means of an interactive map), allowing them to make adjustments depending on the situation. A large variety of different reports and statistical calculations allows the administration always clearly see the 'big picture' and plan its actions based on these data.

Safety and reliability

ПNew developments and standards in the field of programming and safety have been taken into account within the implementation of the project. The task of safety of stored and transmitted data was a fundamental task. The developed system has a robust SSL-certificate, multi-level data caching, protection from accidental deletion, reliable backup system.


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